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grudem on law, politics, & gov't part 4

I am currently taking a course with Dr. Wayne Grudem called "Biblical Theology of Law, Politics & Government." This is a series of posts with reactions and lessons from that class.

Wow, I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I posted. Time flies. Last time I posted related to the Grudem class, I asked the question, "Is the founding of our "Christian" nation actually built on disobedience to God's word? Why or why not?"

In this post I'll share Dr. Grudem's response. For what it's worth, I find it a plausible but unsatisfactory answer.

In short, Dr. Grudem's answer was that the signers of the Declaration of Independence viewed themselves as also being an authority put in place by God at the local level. These leaders were then left with an option: 1) obey King George and allow him to hurt the people or 2) revolt against King George in order to serve and protect the people under their care.

This is along the lines of what Jason wrote in his comment on the previous post:

If my memory serves me, the colonies for many years were largely self ruling. They elected their own gov'ts in some colonies. The English had a fairly well developed theory of gov't that said that the power of gov't ultimately resided in the people, not the king...

In this circumstance, the founders believed that THEY were the authority instituted by God. England was the one attempting to destroy their legitimate authority, and they were resisting that attempt. From the perspective of a common American, the King George III wasn't the ONLY authority. The colonists had been electing their own gov'ts for years, free from significant interference by England. So which authority do you submit to? King George, who claims the colonies are essentially the property of England? Or your fellow colonists, who claim that the power of the gov't resides in the people?

This is a plausible argument, however I am historically unclear on the degree to which the signers of the Declaration were viewed as a civil authority other than the authority they asserted in leading a revolution. If you have insights on this, particularly backed up by history, it would be great to see them as I am quite ignorant of this aspect.

What do you think? Is this a good enough solution?



  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 2/12/2008 6:28 AM |  

    Luke... I can't seem to locate my copy of a John Adams biography (by David McCullough) to give details on the legitimacy of colonial congress, especially the one convened to draft the Declaration. That would be a good start if you are interested.

    Beyond being elected representatives of the colonists, and therefore *A* civil authority, the signers of the Declaration were claiming a balance of power with the king. In 21st century America, that may seem a small thing, but transposed against the Devine Right of Kings (see France, Louix XIV, etc) it is clear that the colonists believed themselves to be inheritors of the rights of their 'British Bretheren' in England proper.

    In the body of the Declaration, the grievances are directed almost exclusively at the king. It is important to understand what those grievances were. The king was interfering with the authority and role of legislative bodies in the colonies, he was interfering with the independance of the colonial judiciary, he was keeping a standing army (for civil control) quartered among the colonists. These greivances refered directly to English rights which had limited the power of kings for centuries. Historian Richard Pipes, in the book 'Property and Freedom', says "British constitutional history records the advance of parliament from being a servant of the crown (eleventh to fifteenth century) to being its partner (sixteenth to early seventeenth century) and, finally, its master (from the 1640's on)."

    For example, in 1626 an English parliament issued impeachment papers against King Charles I saying: "The Laws of England teach us, That Kings cannot command ill or unlawful things, whenever they speak, though by their Letters Patents, or their Seals. If the things be evil, these Letters Patents are void, and whatsoever ill event succeeds, the execution of such commands must ever answer for them"

    Also, in 1688, King William III signed the English Bill of Rights pledging "not to suspend laws or levy taxes without parliamentary sanction. Additional clauses called for parliamentary approval for maintaining a standing army in time of peace ... guarantees of freedom of speech ... and frequent convocations of parliament."

    Hope this helps a little...

    Todd Ruiter

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