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his kindness leads to repentance

As I've been studying the book of Romans, I've been dwelling a bit on this phrase found in chapter 2, verse 4: "God's kindness is meant to lead you to repentance." When I think of what leads to repentance, it usually involves somebody getting in my face and scolding me into making things right. But that's not God's primary method. His primary method is revealing to us his kindness. God shows us his kindness in Jesus and he shows how kind he is by suffering on the cross, and he knows that this will lead us to repent and to turn to him in faith.

So, why don't I sense more of God's kindness? Perhaps it's because I often think of God as angry at me (because I haven't lived up to his standard--which is just religion). But this verse reminds me that God is my kind, loving Father who is ready to embrace me and receive me as his child if I will abandon my religion and instead trust in his kindness.