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free derek webb

One of my favorite singers and songwriters is Derek Webb. He has great theology and real creativity when it comes to writing. He is offering his latest album, "Mockingbird," totally free. If you haven't yet purchased the album (as I did before the offer was available), do yourself a favor and download it.

Here's a sample of the lyrics from one of my favorite songs on the album, "A New Law."

don't teach me about politics and government | just tell me who to vote for || don't teach me about truth and beauty | just label my music || don't teach me how to live like a free man | just give me a new law || (pre-chorus) i don't want to know if the answers aren't easy | so just bring it down from the mountain to me || (chorus) i want a new law | i want a new law | give me that new law || (bridge) what's the use in trading a law you could never keep | for one you can but cannot get you anything? | do not be afraid ||