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olfactory fatigue

Have you ever heard of "olfactory fatigue"? It is what happens when you smell something day after day and eventually you can't smell it anymore. For example, I have a friend whose car always smells like cat litter because he parks it in his garage where his cat's litterbox is. I comment on it almost every time, but he can't even recognize it because he smells it every day.

I bring it up because in his book, The 12 Essentials of Godly Success, Tommy Nelson says that if we let ourselves live with sin for too long, it eventually becomes like olfactory fatigue. Eventually, we're so used to it that we barely even notice the stranglehold that it has on us. That's a scary place to be. So maybe today would be a good day to examine your heart and ask God to reveal any sin that you've gotten so used to that you can't even see it anymore. Then repent and believe the gospel. Trump the power of the sin with the promise of the gospel and the beauty of Christ.


  1. Blogger Jeni | 11/03/2006 5:32 AM |  

    Hello from snowy Canada!
    I love this blog! The links and various articles and information were thought provoking and a reminder of the ever-changing, always God glorifying work at evbc. I highly, highly recommend the Tom Nelson church history series, thanks for posting it.