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thanks, john piper

I'm quite excited about this upcoming weekend with John Piper, who is speaking at an EVBC men's event tonight and then at the Desiring God Regional Conference this weekend. Dr. Piper was extremely influential in my development as a young Christian, though this weekend will be the first time I ever meet him. His books and sermons have been life changing for me, and they continue to be. While many prominant ministries charge lots of money for their materials, Desiring God continues to offer them free of charge online, and they encourage people to give these materials away. It's a wonderful statement that the ministry isn't about making a buck but about reaching people for the kingdom of God. So, here's a sentence that I've heard Dr. Piper say many times, but it's worth always remembering. This sentence has changed and is changing my life:

"God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him."