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back from mexico

Well, it was a fun and encouraging time in Rocky Point this past weekend for the EVBC people who worked to successfully build 4 houses. We worked hard, slept hard, and prayed hard for God to use our work for his glory.

Here are some lessons from the trip:

God is glorified through the proclamation of the gospel

Each team had at least one Spanish-speaker and had multiple opportunities to share with people about the good news of salvation through Jesus.

God has many people who are doing ministry for his name and glory

There were dozens of churches involved through Amor Ministries who were all working to build houses, minister to the poor, and strengthen the local churches in Rocky Point.

It's easy to serve God for the wrong reasons

I found myself constantly tempted to pat myself on the back for being involved in this trip, as though God would love me more because I was serving. Instead, I tried to remember that I am loved and accepted by God because of Jesus' work on the cross and that I can now serve out of gratitude and joy.

It's hard not to hate bikers who cut in line at the border

The biggest downer of the trip was the 3-hour wait in line at the border, thanks to thousands of bikers who were rallying in Rocky Point, all of whom felt they had the right to cut the line by going off to the edges, between cars, etc. I do not like injustice and cheating, especially when it decreases my comfort or hinders my plans, so it was quite tempting to hate these people and all who ride motorcycles. But, if I had an opportunity, I probably would have cut everyone else off too, so I guess I'm kind of hypocritical.

The beauty and grace of God is extended to all peoples and nations all over the world

God makes his power and glory known through things like the beautiful sunset we had on Saturday night, and through his faithful servants who tell others about Jesus. God is not American or white. He is the King of the universe and he intends to save people from all over the globe. Awesome.