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success in marriage

This morning we had a wonderful time in Men's Fellowship, discussing the issue of Marriage. We've been pulling some key things out of Tommy Nelson's book, The 12 Essentials of Godly Success and it has been a real blessing. This morning we talked about seven foundational actions for true success in marriage. The basis for all of these is an understanding that you can be selfless only because Jesus Christ has been selfless for you.

This has been a good list to meditate on, repent over, and focus on as I seek to love Molly more faithfully:

1. Are you courteous?
2. Do you esteem your spouse?
3. Do you communicate?
4. Do you spend quality & quantity time together?
5. Do you fight clean?
6. Do you trust one another?
7. Do you create romance?

I'll conclude with a quote from Nelson's book: "Great marriages are an exclusive club--only the selfless can be members." (154)