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best wife in the world

Well, it's official. I have the best wife on planet earth.

Sadly, we are spending Valentine's Day apart, as Molly left this morning for Ohio and the Big Ten Men's Swimming championship (where her brother Jacob is competing for Ohio State). But, as we drove to the airport, she told me that waiting back at home for me were two gifts under our bed that I was to open.

The first was a bag with all kinds of fruit-roll-ups, which I absolutely LOVE. Each one was wrapped in a note with something that Molly says she loves about me. She also has creatively placed these around the house and my office, so I have been finding them all day. How cool!

The second gift was a bag with an Xbox for me to play while she is gone (borrowed from her other brother). I love video games but never get to play them because I hope to stay married, and they would seriously impede most aspects of my life. But, with Molly out of town, what else is there to do? She also rented my favorite game for me, NCAA Football. So, needless to say, I'm happy as a pig in slop, which will probably be literally true after spending the next 5 days without her.

I love Molly. She is my true love. And today has proven that she is, without a doubt, the best wife in the world.