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Jesus, the true and better daniel

I had a great time leading this week at Men's Fellowship, where we're studying the decisive moments of God's men. Each week, we look at a man from the Old Testament and we study a key moment that he experienced, how it impacts our key moments, and how it points ahead to Jesus. This week we looked at Daniel in the lion's den and we saw that, "Jesus is the true and better Daniel who was sealed in a den of death, but emerged alive and victorious over those who falsely accused him."

If you read Daniel 6, you'll see that--like Jesus--Daniel was blameless and no fault was found against him, he was conspired against by those who were jealous of him, he remained obedient in the midst of great opposition, he was sealed in the den with a rock and a seal, and he came out alive.

The key difference is that unlike Daniel, Jesus actually died. But that's the great news! Jesus died the death that Daniel and you and I deserved to die so that one day death will have no hold over us and we will live in eternal victory. Happy Easter!