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virginia tech shootings

It's been a little while since I posted, due in part to the Area Pastors' retreat we had this past week. We had a good time away and got some good work done. But, like the rest of the nation, we were heartbroken by the Virginia Tech tragedy. No matter how you slice it or what your worldview is, this incident is awful. What is God's role in these kinds of events? Below, I've posted some articles and resources that help answer that question.

John MacArthur on VT Shootings
John Piper on What to Say About Virginia Tech
John Piper's NPR Tsunami Interview (this relates to the question about how a good God can allow great suffering)
Tabletalk on Grief

In conclusion, I think about what I've heard one pastor say (I can't remember who): "Today 10,000 airplanes will take off and land and no one will stop to thank God for the grace that it took to make it safely. But as soon as anything bad happens, we are quick to call God's love and goodness into question."