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Tomorrow I'll be preaching at EVBC for the 4pm and 6pm services. My good friend, Tyler Johnson, will be preaching in the morning.

One of the quotes I will use is from J.C. Ryle, regarding how it's not always the really bad things that keep us from God, but often the good things that crowd out room to pursue Jesus. In his Expository Thoughts on Luke, He writes:

It is not open [wickedness] that fills hell. It is excessive attention to things which in themselves are lawful. It is not avowed dislike of the Gospel which is so much to be feared. It is that procrastinating, excuse-making spirit which is always ready for a reason why Christ cannot be served today...Infidelity and immorality no doubt slay their thousands; but decent, plausible, smooth-spoken excuses slay their tens of thousands.


  1. Anonymous Chris G | 5/27/2007 5:39 AM |  

    praying for you tonight...