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freedom from email

I love communication.

My college degree is in communication, and I love thinking about how people communicate. There are such interesting mediums and methods of communication--verbal, body language, print, television, radio, public speaking, artistic, etc. People communicate in person, over the phone, through text messaging and, of course, through email.

It is this last form--email--that I want to briefly discuss today. I think many people, including myself, consider email to be a necessary evil. It can be either a wonderful or terrible method of communicating, depending on the nature of the communication. We've all experienced hitting "send" on an email that included things we would never actually say to somebody in person. But, we've also experienced the joy of hearing from people that you normally don't hear from because they came across your email address and dropped you a line.

Today I am not checking my email.
I am not sending email.
And I don't feel the least bit bad about it.

That's because our server is being transferred to another part of the church campus today and I can't get it. Perhaps that's why I'm writing more here than normal--to give my fingers their daily exercise. Incredibly, I feel an amazing sense of freedom today, knowing that nobody is waiting on my reply.

What about you? Do you like email? Hate email? Vote below and respond if you have any thoughts.

How do you feel about email?
Love it - I check it as much as I can
Hate it - Pick up the phone and call me instead
Necessary Evil - I'll read and reply only because I have to
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