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great audio content

One of the greatest blessings about the internet is that there is now access to so many incredible resources and learning opportunities. Obviously there is lots of bad content as well, but I still thank God for allowing us to hear some of the best teaching from the best communicators around. Below, I've listed some links to some recommended audio content, all of which is FREE.

Reformed Theological Seminary - Access to 20+ seminary level courses (OT, NT, Church History, Theology) as well as chapel messages. (Requires iTunes and, no, you don't need an iPod to use iTunes. It's just a media player)

Covenant Theological Seminary - 21 courses from the official seminary of the PCA, and one of the best around. Once you get to this page, the courses are listed on the bottom left.

Tim Keller - As the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Keller is becoming one of the most influential and important voices in the Christian world today. His emphasis on a gospel-centered life is incredible. This page has some great articles, but scroll down to the "AUDIO" section and to the sermons listed under "VISION CAMPAIGN."

Desiring God - 27 years of John Piper's sermons. Say no more. This site has tons of other resources as well. Some of my favorites are the biography messages that Piper gives each year at his pastor's conference.

Matt Chandler - Lead pastor of The Village, Matt Chandler is one of the best young preachers around today. His passion is contagious and I am regularly refreshed by his ministry. You can also subscribe to the church's podcast by clicking here.

Mike Shea - As a college student, I learned so much from Shea's bible teaching. His sermons are relatively short, but they pack a serious punch. His Galatians series was life changing for me.

Mark Driscoll - Driscoll is a controversial figure to some people, but I appreciate how he continually seeks to stand for the unchanging truth and also be relevant and engaging to the culture. He's long-winded, but funny and enjoyable to listen to and learn from. Podcast here.

Tommy Nelson's Church History Sermons - It's rare to hear a pastor preach on church history from the pulpit, but these sermons are a great entry into church history. Very interesting.

Monergism.com - This site has tons of other audio--more than you'd ever have time to listen to.


  1. Blogger Jason and Paige Addink | 7/11/2007 11:00 PM |  

    First you got me hooked on Mark Driscoll, and now you list 8 more sources for audio? My "free" time is looking more and more scarce... :)