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intro to church history

It is widely believed that one of the important reasons to learn history is to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. Nonetheless, few Christians know anything at all about Church History. As a result, the issues and events that have shaped the church into what it is today are largely a mystery.

Let me recommend to you Tommy Nelson's Lectures on Church History. These lectures were originally delivered as sermons at the church he pastors, Denton Bible Church. Nelson is a great, down-to-earth Bible teacher and is best known for his series on Song of Solomon. These church history sermons are largely based on Bruce Shelley's book, Church History in Plain Language.

I found these sermons to be very insightful, informative, and valuable. They put a lot of things in perspective and were easy to understand. I hope you'll download them and be as blessed by them as I have been.

Download them here.


  1. Blogger aztroy | 8/13/2007 12:44 PM |  

    I listened to the first one last night--very easy to listen to, great stuff. Thanks Luke!