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TEAM discipleship

I haven't posted in just over a week, in part because I've been ramping up pretty seriously for TEAM Discipleship, which started this morning. TEAM Discipleship focuses on helping men grow as leaders and servants through:

ccountability and

The process requires commitment and work with weekly meetings, reading, and audio messages to listen to in addition to projects and training exercises.

For our first group, we're focusing 12 weeks on "Preaching the Gospel to Yourself." I am thrilled at the response and the opportunity. We've closed this current group at 44 men, ranging in ages from 15-75 years old, with lots of different backgrounds.

Please pray for us that God would use this process to help us change from the inside out as we apply the truths of the Gospel to our hearts.


  1. Blogger soxinscottsdale | 8/20/2007 2:11 PM |  

    Thanks Luke, it was truly a blessing this morning. Looking forward to seeing God move in all of our lives!