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kristie braselton's blog

If you haven't found Kristie Braselton's blog yet, you really should check it out. She doesn't post as much as her readers would like (I guess having three kids three years old and under will restrict you), but what she writes is insightful and funny. In case you don't know Kristie, she's a good friend of mine and her husband, Matthew, is one of my closest friends (the picture above is of their family pre-Benjamin). She's a talented songwriter and has an incredible heart for people. If you ever come to the EVBC bookstore, make sure to pick up one of her CDs. Check out the blog...you'll dig it.


  1. Blogger Kristie Braselton | 9/20/2007 4:32 PM |  

    wow, simmons. i guess it really pays off to buy you lunch. :)