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toms shoes

I recently heard of a great cause that I think is worth sharing about. It's called Toms Shoes. Toms is a company started by Blake Mycoskie, a young, Christian entrepreneur who wanted to start a company and make a difference in the world. For every pair of Toms that is sold, a pair is given to a child in a developing country that doesn't have shoes. No percentages. No complicated formula. Just giving away shoes (over 10,000 have been given away so far). Apparently, business has taken off and lots of people are being helped. Below, you can view a video of the "shoe drop" they did in Argentina. Very cool.


  1. Anonymous Chris | 9/17/2007 6:04 PM |  

    Very Cool.
    At first I read the title and thought, "Did Shrader get a haircut and now they are ragging on his shoes?"