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what the church is about

I just completed a membership interview (one of the real treats of my ministry since I get to meet new people who are committed to Christ) with a woman from our body named Susan. She said something towards the end of our meeting that was so profound and simple that I had to write about it. She was describing what she likes about East Valley Bible Church and what any church should be about.

Here's what she said: "It's got to be about God and about reaching people."

That is pretty simple, and it really says a lot. Think about the consequences of having a church that is about one of those things, but not the other.

About God, but not about reaching people = not really about God
God is the one who seeks for those who are lost (Lk. 15). God is the one who pursues people. God has a great heart that all nations would hear the gospel and be made into disciples (Mt. 28:18-20). So, if we are people who are trying to be about God and what he wants, we must necessarily be about reaching people. God loves people and wants to see them acknowledge him as the true King and Satisfier of their hearts.

About reaching people, but not about God = what's the point?
Coca-cola, Nike, IBM, Starbucks, McDonalds, and thousands of other companies around the world "reach people" with their messages, but they aren't about God. What eternal value do they hold? If you reach people but don't make your message about God, what is the point. Molly and I were quite sad to visit a church once that had reached literally thousands of people but then gave a message that had very little to do with God at all. Tragic.

May we be Christians and a church who are deeply concerned about honoring God and reaching people!