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gilbert men's fellowships

Men's fellowship is about helping men to make a real difference for Jesus in their homes, their workplaces, their neighborhoods, and their recreational places. We want to see men who are sharing their faith, courageously standing for Christ despite work pressures, abandoning sexual sin, discipling their kids, relentlessly loving their wives, and living for eternity instead of getting caught in the rat-race. Join us one of the following mornings:

Tuesdays @ EVBC Commons (McQueen & Elliot) 6:00-7:00am

Thursdays @ Todd Johnson's (Val Vista & Elliot) 6:00-7:00am (map below)

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Men's fellowship will involve a brief teaching followed by small breakout group discussion, prayer, and accountability. Therefore, if possible, come with another man in your life (from work, home group, neighbor, etc.). For more information email Luke Simmons.